Sunday, 25 March 2012

Walking the Turtle

      "Shouldn't we put a leash on him," I asked my son while grabbing the Red-eared Slider out of his tank.  Little Kurt's eyes grew bigger.  He's seen folks walking their dogs around on a leash...but turtles?  He must be wondering how a leash would even fit such a tiny neck that's just about the size of his stubby, big toe.  Well, wouldn't this reptile try to run away after having been confined inside a small four-walled house, where he had nothing better to do--that he just decided to sleep for about four long months?

I couldn't help but mull over such ideas.  After a very quiet winter, I finally hear him moving, splashing and scratching his over-grown claws against his tank.  For a generally shy creature, Todd is suddenly making quite some noise.  Though not at all related to bears, these turtles also go through some sort of hibernation.  They actually "brumate" or become sluggish and less active during the cold season.  In fact, Todd has hardly eaten anything at all since November.  One morning I even thought he was dead.  I had to shake his tank a bit to get him out of his shell.

Todd in his tank, slowly stretching his neck up to the surface to take a peek.

Yet now that it's spring, he's alive again!  After what seemed like the longest sleep, he's now up and about--hungry, tossing to and fro, reaching up for a way out.  He must have heard the birds singing their happy song.  He must have felt the sunlight on his face.  He must have seen the budding leaves and the blooming flowers from his glass walls.  The world outside is coming back to life and so must he!  

Spring must be the breath of God, waking a sleeping world to life.

Oh, I can only marvel at the energy this season brings; the colors it paints in nature; and the hope it gives mankind!  It brings to mind how God can raise even the dead back to life.  For just as He is the Giver of life, He is also it's Blesser, Sustainer, and Keeper!    

It is such a thrill just seeing people out on the streets again.  My neighbors are back in their gardens too.  Even my kids have been roused from their own dormant state of "sitting-on-the-couch-playing-video-games-for-as long-as-they-can".  And Todd, he yearns for the outdoors too.

Free at last!

"Please, hurry up, Todd!  ...Aw, Mom!  Todd is taking forever!"

"Go, Todd!  Oh wait, not there...over here, Todd.
This way.  The Park's this way!"

So yes, we decided to take him for a walk.  Well, of course we didn't get very far.  The poor animal just had to stop after every two or three baby steps to hide back inside his shell.  Nevertheless, it's been great just to be out for a while; to be blessed with a new season; to be alive! 

"Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.'"                                                                

--John 11:25, NIV  

"Sigh... It'll be morning by the time we get to the park.
Let's just go back home.  My feet are achy now."


  1. I like this adorable story about Todd. What a stately name for a turtle! You are far more patient than I, my dear. I would have turned around after the first 3 minutes. :-)

  2. Thanks, Karen. It was a good day to come out of our shells after a long winter. The budding trees, the smell of grass, the warmth of sunshine were all so inviting that we just had to get out of the house even if it meant walking the turtle!

  3. Thanks, JmGabe! God bless U! ;)